Canada has long been a destination of choice for people from every corner of the world. This country, the second largest on earth, possesses outstanding natural beauty typified by vast areas of mountains, prairies, lakes, rivers and the coastlines of three oceans. Besides affording its population a wonderful landscape of wide open spaces in which to live and pursue recreational opportunities, Canada bestows upon its people vast riches of natural resources. These include: oil, natural gas, minerals, fish, game, lumber and fresh water.

In Canada, people are free to travel and live in any part of the country they choose. Those who select an urban lifestyle frequently settle in one of Canada´s beautiful and sophisticated cities or towns. Many others live further afield in suburbs or in villages, or out in the countryside.

Throughout Canada, people have access to jobs, housing, medical care, schooling and a huge selection of recreational activities. Public safety and human rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the constitution, and the population is governed and protected by the rule of law.

People who choose Canada as their destination, either for a temporary stay or permanent residence, join a population that is comparatively small – comparable in size with that of some states in the United States. The Canadian population enjoys a very high standard of living.

We are located in Calgary, AB. A cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, owes its rapid growth to its status as the centre of Canada’s oil industry.