Canadian Federal Business Immigration

A qualified lawyer will review each applicant’s skills and qualifications in assessing whether the applicant fits within one of these three business classes of immigration.

For people willing to make an investment into Canada or to own and manage a business in Canada, there are three special Federal programs which allow for the entry and settlement in Canada for themselves and their families.

There are three categories under the Federal Business Immigration Program:

Federal Investors are people with:

  • Proven and relevant business experience
  • A willingness and an ability to make a sizeable monetary investment in Canada. The money which is refundable without interest, must be paid into an approved financial institution
  • A sizeable and legally-obtained net worth

  • Federal Entrepreneurs are people with:

  • Relevant business experience
  • A moderate net worth that was obtained legally
  • The intention to establish, own and operate a qualifying business in Canada
  • The intention to actively operate a business that creates jobs and contributes to the Canadian economy
  • A willingness to respect certain conditions after they arrive in Canada

  • Federal Self-employed are people who can evidence:

  • Past relevant experience in cultural or athletic pursuits at a prescribed level
  • That their past experience will contribute to either the cultural or athletic life in Canada, or
  • Experience of farm management and the intention to buy and manage a farm in Canada

  • These are the basic requirements of the business immigration programs. The actual requirements are more complicated. Great care and diligence must be applied in launching an application under the Canadian Federal Business class.

    Learn more about Canadian Federal Business Classes

    Canada operates three classes of business immigrants:

  • Investor class
  • Entrepreneurial class
  • Self-employed class

  • The criteria and requirements for each class are specific. An application is allowed for only one class and cannot be changed once the application is submitted.

    The Investor Class:

  • The Canadian Government has temporarily suspended new applications for the Federal Investor Program. Applications postmarked or received before June 26, 2 010 will be processed. This pause will be temporary.
  • Each year, approximately 2,500 investors and their families enter Canada.
  • Investors are not required to start a business in Canada.
  • No immigration conditions are imposed upon admission to Canada.

  • The Entrepreneur Class:

  • Entrepreneurs come to Canada from all over the world.
  • Business experience pertains to past ownership, duration of ownership and the size of the operation.
  • Proving that net worth was legally obtained requires documentation.
  • Qualifying Canadian business considers factors such as percentage of equity, employment generated, income and assets.

  • The Federal Self-Employed Class:

  • With respect to experience, time spent in the activity as well as how recent are considered.
  • For both cultural and athletic pursuits, the level at which the applicant participated is an issue.
  • In consideration of farming activity, actual management rather than merely employment is an issue, as is actual ownership of the operation.