Permanent residency in Canada is a highly sought after status. Permanent residents of Canada enjoy most of the same rights and privileges as Canadian citizens.

While many people who go through the process of Canadian immigration acquire permanent residency as a step towards full citizenship, this is not compulsory. It is perfectly acceptable to live in Canada for a lifetime as a permanent resident.

A person must apply for permanent resident status under one of the immigration programs. Refusal or delay is not uncommon in the process of application for permanent resident status. Strict rules and ever-changing entry requirements, such as those associated with language requirements, are challenges which must be overcome in gaining this status.

General Requirements for applicants:
  • The provision of required documentation
  • Sufficient means of support and budget for tuition, living costs and travel
  • The provision of strong evidence of ties to the home country.

  • The actual requirements under this program are complicated. Great care and diligence must be applied in launching an application to enter Canada under this program.