Many people want to enter Canada to work on a temporary basis. Eventually, in certain circumstances, a person who works in Canada on a temporary work permit can apply for permanent resident status. Every year Canada welcomes over 150,000 foreign workers to fill temporary jobs and there are still labor shortages in Canada.

Obtaining a work permit can be an excellent way to make a fair wage, to gain valuable experience and training, and to establish the groundwork for eventual permanent status in Canada.

Another great advantage to obtaining a work permit is that accompanying family members may also be able to work in Canada simply because of the relationship with the family member who has a work permit.

General Requirements
Applicants must:
  • Find a Canadian employer or fit within a specific exemption class
  • Actually qualify for the intended occupation
  • Satisfy any language, vocational or other tests that may be required
  • Provide the required documentation
  • Have sufficient means of support and a budget for living costs, travel and tuition if applicable
  • Provide strong evidence of ties to the home country.

  • The actual requirements under this program are complicated. Great care and diligence must be applied in launching an application to enter Canada under this program.